Audre Lorde: a prideful reading series

Language: Dutch or English, depending on the speaker
Livestream programming!

During this Shakespeare Club we are thrilled to partner with IHLIA LGBT Heritage to present a series of early morning readings of work by Audre Lorde, read by local queer writers who have been inspired by Lorde’s work and legacy. Lorde’s work as a writer, poet and professor is of monumental importance. She wrote about – and practiced – intersectionality at a time before the term was even coined. Her work remains vitally relevant and urgent to this day. The texts by Audre Lorde are selected by the writers reciting them. They will briefly introduce it and expand upon it by sharing the inspiration they have found in the particular text as well as in Lorde’s oeuvre.

Tuesday: Tieneke Sumter introductie
Wednesday: Euredice Tauwnaar and she reads: For Each of You en The Black Unicorn
Thursday: Sanguilla Vabrie and she reads: tba
Friday: Smita James and she reads: tba
Saturday: Babeth Fonchie and she reads: Coping en Therapy

The series will be livestreamed from the empty courtyard of the Amsterdam Museum. You are invited and encouraged to read along. Please note this is not mandatory or a necessity.

IHLIA LGBT Heritage collects, stores and discloses relevant information about LGBTI+ people, their history, their everyday life and culture. Their archive contains collections that are complete to a large extent, contains several unique key collections and archives of other organisations. IHLIA’s archive is considered top quality and has national and international significance.

Live streams are available via:

the website
the Shakespeare Club-page
the COC’s Shakespeare Club-event
or, via the YouTube-channel of COC’s Shakespeare Club

Hourly Schedule


10:00 - tot
Tieneke Sumter


10:00 - tot
Euridice Tauwnaar


10:00 - tot
Sanguilla Vabrie


10:00 - tot
Smita James


10:00 - tot
Babeth Fonchi


30 Jul 2020


10:00 - 10:15


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